Their Rules are Irrelevant

Our group protested the San Diego curfew in 1997 and distributed anti-curfew stickers that exempt the wearer. Stage Two was reporting on other activists — Libertarian Rockstars. The current stage – Stage Three – focuses on a diabolical scam that provides the basis for the curfew, mandatory schooling, the drinking age and many other rules.

Some smart people created a club and tricked other people into joining the club and consenting to the club’s rules. But if you don’t join the club, the rules don’t apply: no curfew, no mandatory schooling, no drinking age, and so on. Why protest the curfew statute if it’s irrelevant? Continue

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Get out of mandatory schooling

This is going to be a startling post. You only have to go to school because your parents did three things and you can undo these actions. 


Top 12 Steps to Reclaim Your Estate – Birthright Citizenship vs Corporate Slave Citizenship

Reposting here. By Anna Von Reitz Tue, Apr 14, 2015 Via I am not an activist. I am a Judge of the Alaska State Superior Court, and the Alaska State is one of Several States guaranteed the land jurisdiction of Alaska by Statehood Compact. That means that what I did here in Alaska directly


Key comments on treatise about prison bonds

Found these comments about a lecture by Keating about prison bonds. The comments are as helpful or more helpful than the treatise. One commenter says the court room is actually a bank; Winston Shrout has said this as well is a seminar. The grand jury creates a check (indictment) with your person as the drawee/payer.


Documentary about Curfew Protests

Our group of people, of all ages, protested the San Diego curfew back in 1997. Here is a documentary about the protests and our tactics. I still support using the first amendment as a defense against the curfew. Meaning, you would state you are engaged in free speech by wearing a sticker, or peaceably assembling,


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