It’s a wage, but is thou an employee?

Remuneration is considered a wage, if the wage is paid to an employee. However, is thou an employee? Here’s the definition of wage from 26 USC 3401 Definitions: (a) Wages – For purposes of this chapter, the term “wages” means all remuneration

Not all remuneration is wages

Not all remuneration is wages. The US code below states that if 50% or more of the remuneration during a pay period is considered wages, then all of it must be considered wages. However, if less than 50% percent is

What Wesley Snipes’ adviser may have done wrong. Income tax issue related to federal workers

Thou may have read that Wesley Snipes was convicted of something related to the federal income tax. His tax adviser supposedly was convicted as well and received the harsher sentence of possibly 10 years. The church, SEDM, claims that his

Definitions in codes/statutes supersede common definitions

Definitions - square

If a statute or code has definitions, especially of common everyday words, then the definition in the statute/code supersedes the everyday definition!! If ‘blue’ is defined as ‘yellow’ then blue means yellow for that statute, code, or chapter. I mean,

I am idiot – the history of the term and how one can use it to win in court

(copied from Lighthouse Liberty Club) This came to me as a true story although I cannot confirm how true it is but did come from someone who gives reliable information. Here it is without any changes. True story: A man


My bank wrote an email to “me” and the letter had upper and lower case letter style except for the ‘Dear’ part that they typed in all caps! One notices these things after studying this area of the law. Dear

Federal income is income from federal gov?

Could it be so simple? Wow, in the video below, a man says that federal income is only income received from the federal government. One must pay a tax for this privilege of receiving money from the federal government. One

The dreaded voluntary, gift taxes on April 15

(see warning below) Here are a few videos about taxes accepted by the United States (the federal government). Some key points I heard are the following. Note read all the bullet points below. Be thorough. What I heard is that

Subject to… About that 14th Amendment

It might suddenly become painfully obvious that the 14th Amendment offers to turn free people into subjects. I’m not talking about the ‘subjects’ in school. I mean subjects as in the notion of a ‘British Subject.’ Why one earth would

Judicial Districts

Portion of the map of United States judicial districts

As far as I have read, the United States (meaning either the federated services corporation or the District of Columbia) has overlayed judicial districts upon the continental States of America. Residents and citizens of the United States technically live in