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Subject to… About that 14th Amendment

It might suddenly become painfully obvious that the 14th Amendment offers to turn free people into subjects. I’m not talking about the ‘subjects’ in school. I mean subjects as in the notion of a ‘British Subject.’ Why one earth would

Judicial Districts

Portion of the map of United States judicial districts

As far as I have read, the United States (meaning either the federated services corporation or the District of Columbia) has overlayed judicial districts upon the continental States of America. Residents and citizens of the United States technically live in

Income taxes – Revoke the election

portion of 2014 form 8233 that defines Non-resident alien to mean those born in the 50 states

Notice: all the details on this site are complicated. Statutes may apply to thou, if thou has contracts with the entity issuing the statutes. By visiting this site, you indemnify the authors.  See a new page about revoking the election to be treated as

Personage & Barratry

Personage and Barratry

Added an article about personage and barratry, written by Anna von Reitz. “It is a crime known as “personage”. By arbitrarily creating an Estate trust named after you and claiming to own this thing they created, they have falsely claimed

Banking and the Bible

The bible is a law and banking document. For example, the idea of redemption is in the bible and also important in finance. Supposedly, one must redeem a bond to get out of prison, since most people are in prison

Yusef El’s Top 10 Documents

Top 10 Documents to Read

Listed below are 10+ books recommended by Yusuf El, who instructs people weekly on his radio show. Elon Musk leads a company that builds rockets that go into orbit. He learned about rockets by reading books about rockets. If he

The United States is separate from the fifty states

This is the tenth amendment to the constitution: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. The United States is

The real meaning of public and private

The everyday way we use the words “public” and “private” is incorrect. The public means anything related to the government. If the government owns the land, then the land is public. If man owns the land, then the land is

The Secret to Winning In Court – Court Remedy

Don’t sign anything Here’s an excerpt of the book Paper Arrows (recommended by Yusuf El). In this case, it was determined that the jailers cannot hold anyone more than 48 hours without a probable cause hearing or a bail hearing

Those in office, must follow the rules

Here’s a comment on a YouTube video. Here’s a link to the actual comment. Posted by Elicia Palmer. think about it people.. ALL Acts Of Congress and Legislature’s Federal and State Statutes, Codes, Ordinances and so-called Municipal ‘Laws’ are simply the